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QCode VGA 97 only on soft reboot

Level 7
I've got a new build:

Ryzen 5950x, X570 Crosshair VIII Formula, 64GB 4400 Crucial Ballistix, Zotac 3060, Corsair H150i AIO, Samsung 980 Pro 2TB NVME, ASUS Tor 1200 PSU (yes, overkill but only decent I got in stock), Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL. Connected to Dell 2715K monitor that uses two Displayport cables to drive 5K (the monitor is essentially two panels that get stitched to a 5K output),

The system works in both Windows and Linux. Idle temp is around 35 degrees celcius (shown on the motherboard OLED display). The power, reset, etc buttons all work. If I shut down the machine, it shuts down. HOWEVER, if I do a soft reboot (i.e. reboot from Windows, or reboot from Linux, or hit F10 from the BIOS menu), it closes everything then when starting up, I can see the qcodes flashing as normal until it gets stuck on "VGA 97". If I hit the reset button on the casing, then it resets and posts as normal and goes into Linux (or Windows if I choose it). This happens every single time on soft reboot. Nothing else seems to cause this.

On the manual, qcode 97 is stated as "Console Output Devices Connect". Is there a BIOS setting that'll help with this? I'm also on the latest stable BIOS for the motherboard.

Level 9
Hello Ashic, sorry to hear that. Please try reseating the GPU. Test GPU on all slots. Did you update latest firmware for Zotac 3060? Try another GPU. BIOS is latest updated for the Formula? Did you use resizable bar or no?

Hi TY,
I don't have another GPU to test (had trouble just getting this one!). I've tried reseating it. Still no joy. The MB is using the latest non-beta BIOS, not sure if I should try the beta one or not. The Zotac hasn't had a firmware update. Some more observations:

1. I've ran geekbench and phoronix-test-suite unigine-heaven at 5K in linux, and it's run without a hitch.
2. In Windows, I do seem to get crashes quite frequently, and usually it has a qcode of 97.

I don't know how I can isolate whether it's a gpu issue or not as I only have one GPU. I've tried another slot, but that only runs at x8 as opposed to x16 (and it didn't seem to help either). If it is the GPU's fault, then how is it running unigine-heaven on linux?