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Qcode 66 and Qcode 0d on post and bios[HELP]

Level 7
Hi all i have Asus Rog Crosshair V Formula Z, and a R9 290, and a FX8350 4.2Ghz today i bought new memory´s Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz CAS9 4GB
i have 2 of them so it is 8GB, my problem is i get code 66 on bios now, and if i select anything in bios, it freezes and shows Code 0d, this is now, because before i couldnt even get to the bios, i had to put a VGA card and reset bios settings then i follow the guide on this forum, for memory setup, now it works fine with the 290, and i got AA after boot, which isnt a problem, im doing stress tests, so far so good, but when i go to bios it still freezes on 290 HDMI, but on VGA card it doesnt! its weird, i mounted both in same PCI-E slot, at TOP, it isnt a huge problem, but if i want to configure something in bios, it just freezes.

Post shows 66, after that when windows is loading it goes to AA and evverything runs fine, i had to manually set the memory to 1600mhz, has in auto it was on 1333mhz,
Thanks in Advance

Level 7
Hi, download CPU-Z and go to the memory tab and note down the 1600MHZ timing, including voltage. Change in the BIOS to those setting. Also make sure that your memory is in slots 2 and 4.
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Level 7
I managed sohow to get in bios with HDMI, and set timmings to 9 9 9 24, it was on 10 10 10, the rest i set it in auto and 2T, now it seems stable!

Level 7
i have self problem, but show my motherboard is in the run and not download S.O. 47742
somebody help me please!