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Q-tip 55 error in maximus formula vii

Level 7
FIXED: reseated my processor in its socket, highly recommend top people before they consider bending any pins even if they are bent.

build is
maximus vii formula
intel i7-4790k
gigabyte 970 g1 nividia
4 sticks of ram 8 gigs a peice kingston 1866 mhz cl 10
crosair cs550m
h100i water cooler
840 evo pro samsung 128gb ssd

Troubleshooting tried:

ok so I have confirmed all 4 sticks are good by cycling through the first two slots on the board. I can put two in the first two slots but when I take all modules out and puit one only in the 3rd or 4th slot or populate them accoung to their channel it doest boot just gives 55 error. Can someone please help me I need to have this finished so I can finish school work ::(

Level 7
hx318c10frk2/16 is the identifyer on ram

Hello Sneakywaffles and welcome

Have you checked all 4 slots with the same stick to confirm all 4 slots are working?

And is your 32GB ram a single kit?

Level 7
I cant see your post for somw ewaason nate152

Hello Sneaky waffles and welcome.

Here's a couple things to try.

1) Loosen your cpu cooler a touch, sometimes an over tightened cpu cooler can cause code 55.

2) You could remove your cpu and cooler and inspect the socket in good light with a magnifying glass for any bent or misaligned pins. Look close and carefully and make sure they are ALL evenly spaced.

Look close and carefully.

3) Possibly a faulty board.

Thanks nate for your input, it pointed me in the right direction. what fixed my issue was just reseating the processor in its socket. I recommend you putting that as step two instead of recommending people mess with their socket pins.

All right well great to hear you got all your ram slots working and was an easy fix too.

No harm in inspecting the cpu socket.