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Q-code 55

Level 7

I have an ROG Maximus Xlll hero with 4x8gb corsair dominator ram, recently, the screen on my motherboard has started giving me the q-code 55. At first, turning the computer off and on would work, but now, whenever i turn it on, it gives me the q-code 55 with an orange light below it and doesn’t send any display output, using dual channel with 16gb works but i would like to get back to the full 32gb.

i’ve tried to put one stick at a time and every ram stick works, but whenever i put 3 or 4 of them in at the same time, it doesn’t send a display output and gives me the code 55, I’ve also tried to clear the cmos and that hasn’t worked either.

if anyone has the answer to this problem or even a suggestion, please respond with it.image.jpg