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Proud owner of Rampage 3 Extreme Black Edition. What ram should i get?

Level 7
Dear brothers and sisters,

I am a proud owner of rampage 3 black edition. im looking for rams. should i go for ddr3 triple channel or quad channel? thinking of corsair dominator gt. any ideas sifus?

Got it. Thank u so much. Love the black edition and matrix 580. Cant wait for ssd though. Bottleneck there. Bros i see there are 2 more options in the profile. Crazy i7 that boost up to 4.2 ghz. Use that or xmp profile will be better?

Level 40
The presets are ok but will probably set generic, relatively high voltages etc. Always best to patiently find the best settings for your CPU manually I reckon..... but there can't be much harm in trying it as long as you have good cooling.

Level 16
As HiVizMan would say: "Let the temps drive your OC!"

If you do auto, as Arne said, you may hit the limit with the temps earlier... better to do manual and find the lowest voltages for your settings - that way you can be sure that you will get the max out from your system.

thank you so much. well currently im using Corsair H80. temp for my cpu. Happy with it and I'll try to play around with it. Thanks sifu Zka17 and Saknussemm