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Problems with some newer BIOS revisions R4E

Level 7
Ive noticed that with the more recent bios versions the PCH fan does not run at all. it does not seem to matter how i load my system that fan simply does not run. going in to the bios i can fix this but it occurs to me that there may be a reason why this fan has been turned off. if so what is that reason?

I have also noticed that if i go in and select the gamers profile (4.7ghz) and then switch to XMP my overclock is reduced to 3.9ghz. if i keep selecting gamers profile then XMP i eventually get a 4.7ghz overclock with my memory set to its XMP profile. I can not tell if this is a glitch that leaves my system in an unstable state because for some reason my system is now ALWAYS in an unstable state at 4.7ghz even if i downgrade to versions of the BIOS where I was previously stable. I somewhat stable at 3.9ghz but my system seems to have a greater core afinity for lower numbered cores which seem to get WAY hotter than they used to (i.e. dont trust my system 🙂

Level 40
Hi Mark 🙂

The PCH fan is pretty much decoration and in the later BIOS comes on over 80 odd degrees. No biggie, as you've found just enable it yourself in BIOS.

The OC. If I were you I would do your own! The presets can often be voltage happy and hot. Are you directly cooling the should be for OC that high...if you don't you can see throttling from VRM heat....

Level 7
Hi ty for the reply!

For a minute or two after upgrading to the latest BIOS i thought my PCH fan was broken lol. Then i realised it must be a deliberate modification to the settings.

As for my overclock, I've been running the gamers + XMP at 4.7ghz for a quite a while but I did something moronic and spilled water into my case. Actually what i did was put a saucepan full of water on the case and forgot about it. The pan leaked (and has been thrown out). I unplugged the system and cleaned the puddle from the bottom of the case (not very much) and left the system idle for about 3 months. Two drives were dead, the linux drive would no longer boot (till I reinstalled) but windows booted fine once I reset my OC.

Since the "accident" my system will no longer stably OC to 4.7ghz at all but is VERY stable even on "silent" fans at 3.9ghz. I'm pretty certain there are no user defined overclocking profiles that will work at 4.7ghz on this system and still result in a stable system. Not sure if its the motherboard or the CPU but I fubarred somethng,

P..S. The system is..

R4E, 3960X, 64 gigs ripsaw z (matched), Dual Boot Gentoo Linux (64 bit of course) and Winidows 7 Pro
H100 cooling, EVGA GtX680 , OCZ 1000W PSU, Define XL R2 case.

Im currently booted to Gentoo Linux running "emerge -e world" (recompile everything) with -j12 being passed to the build (use 12 threads). I cant even hear my fans with the case open and my temps never go above 50c for long and if they make it to 80 they only stay there for a very short moment and come right back down. My cooling system is working fine. If I OC to 4.7ghz my core 0 is at 90c at idle and my system goes lost in space after a few minutes.

Level 40
You could try and bake your motherboard at bit higher than room temp (60' - 70'c) in your oven and leave it there for 4 or so hours. That will ensure that any residual water that may be trapped under a component will be removed.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
thats actually not something I had considered! it was unplugged the as soon as i realised what had happened, the motherboard itself did not actually get wet but the water did get onto a couple of the sata cables and blew up two drives (no real loss). The water sat in a puddle in the bottom of the case all night though and there will have been evaporation inside the case.

I left the machine unplugged for a couple of months and seems to be running just fine other than i cant OC to 4.7ghz any more. I did manage to OC to 4.0 by lowering the core voltage to 1.2v but that was the only voltage i touched manually.

i dont think im that worried about losing .7 ghz and two mostly unused data drives any more, on quiet reflection i realise I could have lose MUCH more to my stupidity 🙂