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Problems starting / restarting Maximus VI Hero

Level 7
Hello everyone first

I have a small problem !

I have installed Maximus VI Hero, everything runs so far, only I have the problem that when I want to restart the PC shuts down, the screen goes black but the PC and fans etc. continue to run and the fans then run at very high speeds! It doesn't restart, it just keeps on running! If I then press the power button for a long time so that the pc goes off and then restart it, it boots up normally! I can also shut it down completely that it goes out that works but no restart!

I bought a new power supply unit. 650 w has new RAM and a new water cooling system! I've even put in a new processor now and still the same problem it just won't restart
What surprises me a little when I e.g. change something in the bios or the like then it restarts but not when I click on restart
I also did a CMOS reset it doesn't work

I just do not know how to go on

Sorry for my English isnt not so good (I'm Germen 🙂 )