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Problems in the heat of PCH

Level 7
I have "ASUS RAMPAGE IV Black Edition" Every day I open the "AI Site 3" program to check everything and find out if there was a difference measurements.

I have noticed yesterday a surprise rise in the measure "PCH" to 52 degrees and it is happening for the first time where I usual measurement is between 40 to 42 degrees and this made me worry a lot.

Of course, I expected that some will tell me that this rise in temperature is a natural and safe, but when the measurement rises to 12 degrees suddenly and without warning, this means that there is a problem and must find a quick solution.

Note: The room temperature is 22, I have not changed a fixed temperature as well as the "Motherboard" and "CPU" also has not changed and I use the default BIOS settings and I tried to put a small fan above the "PCH" Then I found the temperature dropped to the previous normal situation which made me sure that there is a problem and must solve it.