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problem with G-Skill on Motherboard X99

Level 7
best regard.

A few months ago I bought a G-Skill memory kit for my system, which is not exactly optimized for x99 systems, and I could not do well overcloking to the Ram, the case is that the technical support of G_skill gave me the supposed configurations of the bios so that my system was stable, but when running AIDA64 the system takes out blue screen and restarts, the only stable counterfiguration is 2.133 mhz with CL 15-15-16-36 2T at 1.20v, but I would like to know if there is a latency stable for a higher frequency like 2.666mhz or a lower latency than CL15 for 2.133mhz

The settings that I got from G_skill support are: (it does not work)
DRAM Frequency = 2666MHz
DRAM Voltage = 1.20V
CL Timing = 15-15-15-35
Command Rate = 2

Ram: G-Skill F4-3200C16Q-64GVK
MotherBoard: Asus X99-Pro / USB 3.1
CPU: Intel® Core ™ i7-5960X Extreme Edition

I hope you can help me.

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
As Silent Scone says 100bclk should be good for 3200

In my experience yes, no problem to add 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.025v...

ok I will try to raise them to 1.36v

Level 7
then I will try on this occasion to go up to 1.36v to the ram, with DIGI + section in factory values. to 3200mhz and the official times of the ram, if this does not work then I will lower to 2666mhz having the same times and voltages in VCCSA and RAM.

in a few minutes I tell you how it was

Level 7
best regard.
I think that the system could be stabilized at 2666 mhz with factory times and at 1.35v, set dram power to 100% and optimized phases, the VCCSA stayed at 1.20v and until now it seems to be stable, if I calculate the real latency I would be about 6 NS which is between the average, likewise if it fails again in something I will not try again with this kit, I will have to buy a compatible one for this board.

Thank you very much everyone for your appreciated help.