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Prime z590-a Windows Boot Issue.

Level 7

So I can get into the BIOS no problem, but when I got to load Windows from my USB it just keeps freezing and then ending up on the Blue Screen Error Page.

So far I've tested the USB on my other PC and it works fine to load windows, so it's not a USB issue.

I updated the BIOS thinking they're may have been an incompatibly there and that didn't change anything.

I've been to ASUS's website to exactly this topic and I can set everything the same in the BIOS(UEFI) except for Launch CSM option which has been grayed out and I can't set.....

One thing I did notice is that my SSD shows up in Storage Devices, but it's not a Boot Option; it only sees the USB as a boot option.

As well I have the Samsung 970 Evo plugged Into the PCIe 4 slot even though its only PCIe 3, but this shouldn't matter should it ???

At this point I'm not sure where to go....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Jlnst86

Can you try connecting your ssd to the first M.2 slot and see if this allows you to enable CSM, you may have to configure the M.2 slot.

Then you should be able to install windows.