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Prime Z390-A does not see Samsung Nvme after staying off for a couple of hours.

Level 7
Hello friends,

I recently installed a Samsung 980 pro NVME and I get a weird, weird issue I can't wrap my head around. My MB is an Asus Prime Z390-A

The SSD did not work at all on M2.2 port. It just wasn't detected.It works ok on M2.1 BUT

-If I turn off the system and leave it off for hours, the pc will not detect the drive. This happens pretty much every time I have to shut down and stay offline for some time (i.e. night)

When this happens, I can solve it every time by turning off and on the system. Resetting will not work. Shutting the system of for a short while, rebooting etc WILL NOT trigger the issue.

I don't know what to do actually. Bios is updated, I've tried enabling and disabling fast boot, deep cleaning all the pins of the m2 port, to no avail...

It's weird because it's an issue I can trigger and resolve under specific circumstances