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Prime x299 edition 30 BIOS 1004 issues

Level 8
Since I updated to BIOS v.1004 on my Prime X299 Edition 30 i have had some weird USB issues

Windows 10 Pro For Workstations 21H1 19043.1055
intel 10980XE
96gb of Trident Z 3200
Windows drive is a Samsung 970 Pro 512gb
Nvidia RTX3090 FE
Asus Strix Vega64 OC

The Primary issue that sent me looking for help is I have an Asus blu-ray burner in an external OWC Mercury Pro usb 3.1 enclosure
Because of the design of my Case I can not install the blu-ray drive internally
This Drive and enclosure worked perfectly fine until bios 1004 so i could enable REBAR, issues persist whether rebar is active or not

The Motherboard stalls booting when this external blu-ray drive is plugged in and displays "load VGA bios" on the little screen of the motherboard
it will stay in this state indefinitely unless i power on with the usb unplugged OR if i unplug the usb While it is powered on and in this hung state then it will continue to boot
If i load the bios menu with the drive connected the menu is very slow and nearly unresponsive unless i plug the usb of the drive then after a second or so it comes back to normal

If i Boot to windows without the drive plugged in and then connect it Windows gives me the alert sound that something has been plugged in
in device manager i get two new entries pop up, under "Disk Drives" i get "ASMT 2115 USB Device" and under "Universal serial bus Controllers" i get "USB mass storage device"

However the drive never shows up under windows and no applications can access it

The other USB issues I get are sometimes when i restart or power on the computer all USB devices currently connected start installing drivers as if i Just plugged them in

also my Logitech Brio Windows hello enabled webcam says it can not be turned on and I have to enter my Pin to login at random times during boot