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Prime H370-Plus high voltage/temperature after bios update.

Level 7
Motherboard model: Prime H370-Plus

UEFI Version: 2301

CPU: i7 8700 (non K)

Memory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: KHX2666C16 16GB

GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2070 OC 8G

SSD/HDDs/Optical drives: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB

PSU: Chieftec A-135 APS-750CB

USB Devices (model/version number): USB dongle for the Logitech MK235

CPU Cooler: Intel box cooler

PC CASE: Aerocool P7-C1

Operating system: Win 10 Pro (Activated)

Drivers Installed (include version info):

GeForce 456.38
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
Realtek High Definition Audio
LAN Driver Realtek 9.1.410.2015
Intel ME 12.0, Build 1062

Any third Party temp/voltage software installed: HWiNFO64 v.6.34-4300

System Overclocked (provide details)?: Yes.

Memory at XMP timings.


After updating from the "out of the box" version of the bios 0502 to the 2301, after reboot I immediately noticed that CPU cooler started work much louder.
Tested with Cinebench R23 in the multi core test case + HWiNFO found that it is easily reach to 100C. Initial thought was that it caused by a thermal grease on the CPU but replacment of it didn't change the situation. Also during watching on the HWiNFO sensors saw VID bumps up to 1.518V at the same time with Turbo boost. So I guess it is the root cause.
Tried to roll back bios to the 0502 as decsribed in the rog forum topic but didn't succeed. It passes ok, but after reboot version the same 2301.
I have quite strong suspicious that it is very bad to have so high voltage and temperature of course. So for now I disabled Turbo boost so for now max voltage is 1.158.

Without turbo boost Cinebench R23 in the multi core test case goes with ~1.056V on the VID and 66C as maximum

The question is it safe to have such a high VID on cores and how to deal with that in the bios config (I'm absolutely newbie about that and always used all auto configs)?

Level 7
After some experiments around the issue I significantly upgraded cooling system to remove it as a factor of a high temperature.
3 output fans and 3 input with positive pressure setup. Also changed CPU cooler with TDP up to 190W.

So with disabled Turbo boost I got almost 20C less in the Cinebench R23 in the multi core test.
But if I enable Turbo boost it gets around 87C, that I guess to much for a CPU with 65W TDP with installed 190W cooler.
During run woth Turbo boost I got next values in the HWiNFO:


I quite sure that the reson of my issue is an issue in the bios 2301.
Is it possible to rollback bios 2301 to older version (simple update by older version doesn't work)?

Successfully decreased temperature by setting fixed Vcore by 1.225V (The smallest for now that I tested for stability). The main disadvantage of it that in the idle mode I guess it is too high.
What do you think about that? Or it is better to play around the offset mode for the Vcore to keep low voltage in the idle mode?