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PRIME B660M-A D4 Missing Drivers

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

I just set up a new system yesterday but there are some drivers missing which I'm looking for assistance with. The board is: PRIME B660M-A D4.

I installed everything off the board's webpage, as well as the Intel Driver Support Assistant, but device manager still shows "PCI Device" and "SM Bus Controller" as uninistalled due to no compatible drivers.

This is my first time ever using Intel products, so I'm not sure what I'm missing/why this takes so much more effort.

I'd appreciate any pointers.


EDIT: Turns out I needed to install drivers from the MyASUS software. So much bloatware these days. 😞

Level 19

You need these firmware/drivers for your new ASUS PRIME B660M-A D4 motherboard :

[FIRMWARE] Intel ME (H610/B660/H670/Z690)

[DRIVERS] Intel Chipset/MEI/SATA/VMD (1xx/2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx)

- Intel Chipset Drivers

- Intel MEI Drivers (Drivers Only)

- Intel VMD Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - 6xx/7xx

[DRIVERS] Intel GNA (5xx/6xx/7xx)

[DRIVERS] Intel Serial IO (3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx)

- Intel Serial IO Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - 6xx/7xx

[DRIVERS] Intel Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth

- Intel Ethernet Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - I217/I218/I219

[DRIVERS] Realtek Audio (Intel 2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx & AMD 3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx)

You have an ASUS PRIME Realtek motherboard, so :

You need Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG/TUF/PRIME RTK) from the first post of the thread.

Follow scrupulously your CLEANUP process then your INSTALL process, for the next drivers packages that I would release, you will can directly follow your UPDATE process.

Thanks Mokichu, everything is installed now. 🙂