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PRIME A320M-A black screen

Level 7

PRIME A320M-A with ryzen 3600 and rtx 3070, had pin code lock in windows and I wanted to sell it but i'd forgotten the password so I thought I would reinstall windows. I set the process going from within windows and left it for hours while i did other things. When i returned it had a blackish screen and would do nothing. i rebooted and i can not get into bios or windows

Tried different gpu. Different m.2 & ssd and without any drives at all. Tried without any usb including mouse/keyboard as well. Tested these components in another pc. They work fine

It seems like the bios has become corrupted. Ive tried taking the cmos battery out but didnt work. 

Any ideas please? I dont want to spend money on it just so i can sell it