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POST hang since installing new keyboard & mouse - Maximus Hero VII

Level 7
Hi everyone,

Since buying the Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard & the M65 mechanical mouse to replace my old logitech wireless mouse & keyboard i have had an issue where the the system will hang on at startup when showing the ROG logo, it doesn't always do it but it does it quite often it takes minutes to get into Windows.

They are both using a USB 3.0 port and i am on a fresh install of Windows 8.1, is there something i can do about this in the BIOS or anywhere else?


Level 7
If you disable xHCI in BIOS USB3 ports will not work at speeds at USB3 it will work as USB2 you should try that.
You should connect your keyboard to USB2 and leave xHCI on.
I have similar issue whit my G15 where it crashes IMEI driver.
Also it hangs @ POST for about 5 sec.

Level 7

Maximus Hero VII, Corsair K70 RGB (USB 3.0), clean Windows 8.1. System randomly hangs on POST (shows blank screen when ROG logo is disabled or sits on ROG logo if enabled). Mine hangs for a lot long than 5 second, more like 60 then eventually boots into the OS.

It almost feels like the BIOS is attempting to boot from the keyboard, waits 60 seconds then moves to the hard disk.

I've updated the BIOS to the newest version (1104 -> 2201) hoping this would fix the issue but still no joy.

Level 10
Try plugging them into the top two usb 2 headers on the io panel. I had some weird stuff with my Logitech g710+ one time and initially I disabled the xhci controller to stop it.
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Level 7
Something similar here, with Roccat ISKU and Razer DeathAdder, after first install of 8.1 all worked fine, especially mouse was plugged into the motherboard, but during one boot mouse stop responding for no reason ( it works fine in that same USB port while in BIOS ) and now can't be plugged in that port as in OS it will not work ( even lights are off on the mouse ) so I have to run it from USB hub.... What is strange is that it looks like the motherboard is cycling ( turning on and off ) the USB things during boot for no reason.. it slows down the boot up brutally 😞 I would not expect this from 300+ euro motherboard 😞

Relocating the Corsair K70 to the top two USB 2.0 ports hasn't resolved the issue.

Still get really slow POSTing (1-2 minutes) in around 1 in every 4 boots. The screen remains blank (even with the POST splash screen disabled) and after 1-2 minutes a flashing cursor appears in the top left corner of the screen and the OS then boots normally (Windows 8.1 64bit).

Level 10
Does the onboard 7 segment display show '64' when it hangs on post?

My K70 RGB and Hero VII do the same when booting or performing a reset (power supply always left on).... However if performing a boot from a full power off condition (supply switched off) it never hangs.

Level 13

Starting with Z97 and moving forward Intel has removed the EHCI controller so all connected USB devices, both USB 2.0 and 3.0, go through the xHCI controller. This controller can be set to EHCI compatibility mode at the expense of all USB ports operating at USB 2.0 speeds. The proper fix is to contact the manufacturer of the affected USB device and request updated firmware to bring the device into compliance with this new standard.