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Petition to Asus for more detail on BIOS changes ("changelog"); from us users

Level 12
This is a Petition to AsusTEK for more detail on Rampage series motherboards BIOS changes (the "changelog"); from all us users.
Please "sign" this petition by posting your screen name here, indicating that you want significantly more detail than just "improve stability" on the BIOS changes description.

HalloweenWeed - I want more detail as described above.

Nodens wrote:
Intellectual property/patent related stuff won't ever be in a changelog by any company and whatever product. This is the main reason changelogs are so.. lacking. If (I can't stress "if" enough) any change is made into the changelog policy then it can only include non-IP stuff. Everyone should understand this.

This is post #28 below.
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Overclocking is useless to me if it is not rock stable.

after 6 revisions with Bios changelog "improve stability" should feel at least ... "a little bit ridiculous"!

Could change it .. "just to see if you're all experts to flash the Bios"
sandro c.

yes,everything everyone is saying.It would be nice.
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+1 for me

Any Reputation is welcome. thanks

+1 would be nice if i know how my system is stable cause right now while gaming i don't feel it

+1 i would like details also

yes please,

menaquinone - I want more details too, of what's changed in the new BIOS firmwares.

For example, there was no mention of a backup bios having been added into version 1406 . That is, the entire 2MB(iirc) BIOS was duplicated inside, which makes me believe they've added a feature for us to be able to completely restore(re-flash) the original BIOS.

went from version 1002:
Version 1002 2018/07/06 8.76 MBytes

PRIME Z370-A BIOS 1002
1.Improve system performance.
2.Supports Intel next gen processor.

to version 1406:
Version 1406 2018/09/19 10.12 MBytes

PRIME Z370-A BIOS 1406
1. Improve system performance

Would have been nice to know more of what actually changed 🙂


I am big supporter on that.


I own five Asus boards do I get one vote for each ?

All for detailed information about changes or any improvement over the simplification given in the current releases.

Level 9
Nodens already does let us know, and his time to do this is appreciated.
The point is that Asustek should provide us with this information so that we can decide if the issues they have addressed in the new bios relate to our individual configs and if it is worth our time and risk to use the new bios.
"improved stability" tells us nothing and to be honest for an enthusiast board is quite a lazy response for any bios update.
I'm sorry to be so blunt but this has been their only imformation in the last 3 or 4 bios updates.
I am beginning to wonder if they know themselves quite frankly!
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Level 7
I am in. Sure would like to know.