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PCieX1 slot won't detect sound card.

Level 7
I hope someone can help i've looked all over and found similar problems and no answers.

i've tried contacting ASUS the website won't let me submit a technical problem just has a pop up saying can't be left blank when i try and submit the form and no boxes are blank.
so i tried to call ASUS who flat refused to speak to me about mother boards as all issues have to be reported online.
I resorted to ripping into them on their facebook page, hoping to get a rise out of them and someone did repsond to my post giving me an email address to approach of a motherboard specialist.
up to now i have had no reposnse from my email to their specialist either.
all in all absolutely f**king useless customer service and i wish i never baught ASUS now.
but anyway i digress, my problem is...

I have a crosshair V formula Z i'm running crossfired sapphire HD7950's in pcie slots one and three and want to run my sound blaster ZX in the pciex1 slot in the middle of my GPU's

when i start the pc it doesn't even recognise that a card is plugged in ( i have proved the card to be wokring on another mobo).

i've trawled the Bios and forums all over the place and can't find an explanation, clearly ASUS them selves don't give a flying f**k if you can't get their s**t to work so i'm hopeing someone here can resolve my issue for me.

full setup is:
coolermaster HAF-X case
Vformula Z
fx-8320 with a H60 with 2x120mm's push and pull
2x sapphire radeon HD7950's - stock fans
16bg corsair vengeance racing red running at 1866 4x4 - with vengeance airflow cooler
corsair RM1000 psu
running an Aerocool fan controller for the case fans and vga duct fan - but the cooling is irrelevant....

can anyone tell me how to get my Sound Blaster ZX to run in that middle pciex1 slot between the 2nd and 3rd PCIE slots as this is the only place it will fit with my 2 GPU's

i've read that other poeple can't get wireless cards or sound cards to work once they crossifre GPU's but surely if it can run 3xgpu's it must be able to run 2xgpu's and a sound blaster.

someone please help, i ran a msi 970a g46 before, it cost about 40GBP and ran everything i stuck in it perfectly well so can't believe that this mother board at 5x's the cost can't do what it was capable of.

all help much appreciated and thanks in advance


n.b : i have the 8pin the 4 pin and the molex connectors on the board for maximum power input

tried moving to pciex1 slot after latest drivers no luck. worth a try though, unsure what to check in bios to make this slot enabled whilst using crossfire ?
thanks again

Level 7
Hello guys,

I know this thread is ancient and I don't want to "resurrect" dinosaurs, but I got the same problem with a new board and since this is the first results you get on Google search by using as a keyword [z370-e pci x1 not recognized], I guess this might help others.

My scenario:
Mobo: Z370-e
Sound card: ZxR

First PCIe x16 used by video card
Last PCI x1 slot (NOT X4 one) used by the sound card

Output: The sound card will never work or be recognized as long its plugged on that PCI x1 slot, but will do just fine on any other PCI slot.

How you solve it?? There is a preset that is involved in this equation.

Go to BIOS > Advanced mode (obviously) > Advanced > Onboard devices configuration > USB3.1 front and PCI-EX1_2&4 Switch

Select [PCIe_x1_2&4] and that's it!

Note1: Yes, as you might guess already, it a trade.
Note2: Yes again, you need to UPDATE your BIOS to latest so have this feature. (First/Initial release, dont have it as far as I can remember)

Good luck !