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PCH fan control and OPT fan control

Level 7
I have been reading through the manual and it says the above 2 are disabled, my first question is what is the PCH fan and
secondly should i enable these?

if i enable them what setting should i put them on ?

Level 12
The PCH fan is the small fan on the chipset of the board. No its not necessary you enable the fan control for this or for any OPT fans. If you want to be able to control the speeds of them using bios then enable. Otherwise no need to.

By chance I loaded up my Probe II and noticed that this sucker is spinning at 6.5k RPM! The other fans are around 1300-1700. Is this expected? That seems awfully high and I am surprised that little guy hasn't failed out yet. 😮

Level 40
You must be on an old BIOS!

Later BIOS set this fan to only spin at 85 degrees...was basically turned off since it's not really needed even with minimal airflow through case.

But spins fast

WOW... yeah I have been unravelling this for the past hour. It appears that fan control was set to disabled. But I did set it to auto and now it is at 0. FWIW I am on BIOS v4804.

So maybe you or someone else can help me. Is AI Suite necessary? The whole reason I found out about this is that I am running performance runs w/ my software and noticed my CPU is taking cycles on aaHMSSvc.exe and atkexComSvc.exe. These seem to be from this suite and I am thinking of uninstalling it altogether.

I would say that I would do this after I update my BIOS, but now thinking about it I think doing so will erase all my settings, and I recall telling myself four years ago that I am happy with the settings. 😉

NEVERMIND... looks like you can disable all the services/tools from the Settings window. That's very cool and I will use that instead (doing so turns the .exes above to 0%).

However, it would be nice to know about my understanding of upgrading the BIOS. I am under the impression that upgrading it will reset all settings, basically wiping out my overclock data.

Level 40
Yes, if you flash the BIOS you will wipe your settings. And transferring settings from one BIOS to another, while it works mostly, may not work entirely. Things change between BIOSes and some adjustments often have to be made.

Not much point in updating BIOS if system is running fine...

Great, thank you for assistance and insight, Arne. It is much appreciated!