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Pc sometimes won't boot! Asus Maximus VI HERO.

Level 7
Intel Core i5-4670K ( no OC )
Asus maximus VI Hero latest bios ( 1603 ) [2014 latest update 😞 ]
Evga gtx 770 sc /w acx cooler
XFX Pro Black Edition 750W
SSD Samsung 256GB Pro
Kingston HyperX Beast 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 KHX16C9T3K2/8X
CoolerMaster Hyper 412 Slim
Dell UltraSharp U2312HM

Windows 10 pro 64bit

I have this system since summer 2013. 2 years ago i start noticing that sometimes pc wont boot. I thought maybe there was a problem on the start button on pc case and i didnt pay more attention.. The problem ratio was like 1 on 20 boots..

12-6 months ago the problem was bigger. 1 on 10 boots..

But now the problem is huge. The last days the ratio is like 1 on 2 boots! Also i used to close/open the psu 2-10 times till the pc finally boot, but now it takes more!! So i unplug pc for 20+ minutes and the i try again!! Now i am afraid to close it!!

The problem is not only when i cold boot, but when i warm boot also.. Today i closed the computer, i tried to boot it intermediately after, no success.

I tried the PSU paper clip test and i works ( when its on normal mode, not on hybrid ). Also i should note here that i had hybrid mode all these 4 years enabled for lower consumption and maybe less PSU wearing down . Today i switched back to normal mode!

I did a clear cmos from jumper today ( first time i failed cause i didnt read the mobo manual, glad i didnt break the mobo!! ) The only change i did after on bios is that i put from auto to XMP. I had it on AUTO all these 4 years..

I dont know if the problem still exists, but i wont close pc!!

Also sometimes the screen goes black ( like it switches off ) for a second.. Dont know if this info can help.. This started 2,3 months ago.

Maybe there is a short in the system? I am asking this cause sometimes when i press the power on button and i kick the case ( 😛 ) the system is booting.. Dont understand..

I Rechecked all the cables..

Some other notes : I have pc connected with tv through hdmi, my psu has a coil whine, i have also 2 HDDs, today i removed from mobo the +/- p led and Hdd led ( i connected them 40 days ago.. maybe this worsen the situation? ), i have also connected the following : mouse, keyboard, speakers, headphones, 1 HDD, A HP scanner fax machine. The light on START and RESET buttons on motherboard is on.

This is a video showing my problem. Its not me. I also read a lot boot problems with this motherboard..

Maybe this problem is connecting somehow?

Thanks in advance!

Level 15

I used to have defaults all these years..

I guess this is a hard situation so no any advises? Today i was brave enough to turn of the comptuer! When i tried to power on, i press once nothing, two nothing and after 5 seconds it turned on by itself/.. Dont know if this can help..

Level 14
You already got good advice from Chino, lol.

Even if it doesn't correct the fault, it's the first step in methodically isolating the real cause.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


I have the default settings on bios and the problem still exist.

One more info. When i try multiply times to open the computer ( close/open psu many times ) and finally boots up, then a warning message comes that cpu fan is low ( under 600rpm ) and that i should go to bios to check it.. After some minutes it goes over 600rpm again..

Also i think that this motherboard overclocks the cpu automatically. Cause my cpu is 3,4Ghz and it goes on 3,8Ghz.