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Pc seems to restart the first time I turn it on or after power off.

Level 7

Got a new custom system:

asus max vi hero
i7 4770s
2x4gb hyperx kingstom
Samsung 840 pro 256gb
corsair vs550

When I start the pc for the first time or after I unplug the power cord for 10-15 secs (and lights turn off) the pc seems to restart after reach the "69" Q-code(system agent DXE initialization is started). At that point I see the 00[Not used] q-code and fans turn off. Then the PC seems to start once more. At this time sometimes the pc rstarts one more time or continues booting.

After this "initial reboot" I can turn off and on the computer as many times as I want without restart issues.

I dunno if this is normal or if there is a problema with something.

Can you help me?

Level 40
This double pump is quite normal, when you power down like that you are doing a cold boot. What that means is your system has to completely retain itself and that requires a restart like what you are seeing.

Is there a particular reason why you are removing power from your system? Or need to do so?
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Thx. I needed to do so cause I had problems with a graphic card (problem: when I try to install the graphic driver the pc shutdown. I plan to conntacta the shop on monday to return it)

The initial restart was weird to me, because sometimes there were 1 restart and sometimes 2 restarts... Still after those restarts no more restarts occur if I let the power cord connected.

Level 14
if you have no need to disconnect from the wall unless power surges i would recoment it be in.
that way you dont get the behavior you having now. ( dubble boot ).