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P9X79 PRO drivers for Windows Server 2012 x64 (Datacenter)

Level 7
I am looking for drivers so that I can use a developer version of Windows Server 2012 x64 on this motherboard. I need to use raid, so raid capable drivers for the C600 part of the X79 is required.

Where can I find such drivers? Even unofficial drivers will do.

I believe the RSTe drivers for the C600 are the ones I need, but I could be wrong (may be linked to firmware?).

Is the C600 hardware or software raid? Raid-0 (striped) is what I have.

Level 7
There are ways to force windows 8 drivers to load under server 2012. What on earth are you doing with it? (if you don't mind me asking) ? I am so curious, I rarely hear raid0 and server in the same post without something intriguing going on.

I have some hacked up win8 drivers for my Max V formula layin around that you could probably use to compare to the stock drivers. Or try googling a method to make win8 drivers work on 2012. I remember I had to manually edit a bunch of the inf files for each driver, then temporarily shut off driver signing checks to install them, then turn them back on after. Hope this helps.