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P9X79 My PC randomly shuts down and i have no idea what is it.

Level 7

I already replaced my power supply because my pc wouldn't stay on for more than 5 minutes. Now it stays on for way longer and it "randomly" shuts down usually when i am using Visual Studio Community or watching a video on VLC, also when playing a game. I have no clue what it is. The new power supply is fine, the grapihc card, the ram everything is fine so why is this happening. I was told it might have something to do with the BIOS or something.


Level 14

Given the age of the P9X79, I'd guess it could be a power capacitor somewhere in the board's power delivery that is reaching the end of its life.  I would visually inspect the big caps around the VRMs and look to see if any of them are looking swollen or if there's any signs of leaking electrolyte from them.  A good electronics repair shop might be able to replace any caps that look questionable, but you'd need to decide if the cost was worth it for an old board.

If the problem started without any of the hardware being disturbed, some component reaching the end of its life on the motherboard seems like a reasonable guess now that you've ruled out the PSU.  Capacitors in power supplies and power delivery systems do have a limited life.  I believe that's a board from approximately 2012, and 10 years is about when good quality capacitors can reach their limit.  It's not an exact thing, depends on many factors such as number of hours running, ambient temperature, and how much load was on the power components.

Just a guess, it could easily be something else.

Level 14

You could also try renewing the thermal bond (paste, pads, or whatever it is) on the VRM heatsinks.  It could be something like the VRMs running a bit hot due to the thermal interface material having dried out over the years, if you've never serviced that.


Hello Xodaaaax,

Does your pc randomly shut down with the bios at default settings?

Have you tried updating/reflashing the bios?

Yes, and also with the Anti Surge thing disabled in bios settings. Is there anything you'll change?


I would check Event Viewer for any clues to the shut down.

Open Event Viewer, click the little arrow to the left of Windows Logs, click System.

You should see a red error with an event id number and a description of what caused the shut down.