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P8Z77-V Deluxe falis to boot Q code 62

Level 7
My P8Z77-V Deluxe has been fine for a couple of years. Like a rock. Now, however, it is emulating a warm rock. It fails to boot and stops with Q code 62.
It has an SSD for the boot drive. It has been there for a couple of months. It is slightly overclocked (4.2Ghz i7 3770) by the Asus tuning utility.
I am unable to get into BIOS setup. It stops before that point.

No changes have been made since the last patch Tuesday + a couple of days to get the other monthly patches. It has rebooted multiple times since then.
Hardware unchanged. Fans and MB power up an seem normal. Heat pipes on the 5830 Radeon are too hot to touch with it just sitting there after the boot attempt; fan runs.
Don't ask how I know. The manual for the board indicates that the code 62 indicates it was at "Installation of the PCH runtime services, CPU DXE initialization started".
I have no idea what that means. I have not been able to find any expanded definitions for the MB codes.

Can anyone point me to a source of more detailed explanations for the codes or explain what the code likely points to as a failure point.

Hello alternety and welcome

This could be a ram or drive issue, try with just one stick of ram. If no help try removing your drive(s).

Are you sure it's code 62 and not b2? The 6 will have a line across the top.

b2 is a gpu related error.

Level 7
It is very likely I did read the hex code incorrectly. I was already fighting to get the card out without breaking anything. As soon as it was out, booted just fine.