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P8Z77-V and 32GB Ram

Level 7

Hi All,

Im quite a NOOB in tweaking, so apologies if my terminology are wrong....

I've got a 10 year old PC with a P8Z77-V motherboard (latest BIOS), Intel i7-3770K 3.50Ghz, 2 x 8GB sticks of  GSkill DDR3-1866 RAM (CL10-11-10-30) (F3-1866C-10-8GAB) and Asus Geforce 4GB video card.......Been working like a dream on stock settings. Ive never overclocked or upgraded.

I wanted to upgraded the RAM to 32GB, and knowing motherboards can be delicate, so I went into search for the same type (brand, spec and all) RAM - Which I found on Ebay.

Got the RAM earlier this week and plugged them into the DIMM A1 and B1 slots (as the original are in A2 and B2).

Long story short BIOS could only detect 16GB RAM in total when 4 slots have been used and when I tested the original and newly purchased pairs - Which ever order pair installed, only detects 16GB.


When Windows 10 boots up and I run CPU-Z program, it shows me all slots are active and shows each RAM stick and its size.

With all the specs the same, if there a way in Bios I can custom set the timings etc, so all 4 x 8gb sticks can be read.

Any suggestions for me to try would be great.....Ive attached each stick specs.

Many Thanks in Advance