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P8Z68-M PRO offset voltage Q.

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Running a 2600k in the mentioned board bios version 402.

Unless I am mistaken, there is no manual voltage control in this board, it has to be done via offset voltages.

If I boot at 48x multi, the cpu vid is say 1.4v and the monitor shows an actual voltage of say 1.5v.

I can boot this into windows, however the voltage under load will go to something crazy like 1.6v.

The problem I am having, is that if I enable -0.05 voltage offset, upon reboot the cpu vid says 1.15v with the monitor showing 1.20v, and I will fail to boot into windows.

This happens at every multiplier I have tried, 45 through 50.

This is no problem at 45x multi, as there is sufficient voltage at this multi to boot and with a - offset voltage and LLC enabled, I get .096v at idle 16x multi and 1.34v at load 45x multi. Very nice. Adjusting the offset works as intended.

But at higher multi's, it isn't stable. I can counteract this with an adjustment to additional turbo voltage. However this only helps when at full load, I get BSOD when the cpu is in a throttle state.

Is there a reason why upon any - adjustment to offset voltage, the board decides to default to very low voltages.

As I'm typing this, I realized I haven't tried a + offset voltage adjustment to see what affects that has on voltages. I will give it a go shortly.


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I was a little apprehensive about applying + offset voltages, as when I initially got the board and before I fully understood each option and how they all interact with each other, I had booted into windows with some crazy voltages.

I am guessing, that when no offset voltage is applied, the board is automatically adjusting the voltages. However, as soon as the user interacts with the offset voltage, it defaults to vid 1.15v (for this CPU anyway), and it's upon the user to do the necessary adjustments.

Takes some getting used to after coming from a core2quad.

Well, the important thing is that you got it working 🙂
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