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Overclock guide for M4EZ + I7 2600K

Level 9
Anyone know a good tutorial for overclocking the Maximus IV Extreme-Z with i7 2600k?
I've seen some tutorials but not for this particular board, I'm noob in overclocking, so I did not want to mess up!:p
Only liked to know a good tutorial to guide me, if I have a board and a cpu that will allow me to do it,
I would like to explore this path...
My rig is in my signature...

But the thread you referring is for M4E (p67) and not for M4EZ (Z68)...
Not be any difference, i.e. the method serves for both? Can I following this tutorial without problems?
Oh and thanks to replying to my thread.:)

Level 15
There shouldn't really be any major differences, you just need to learn the BIOS and where everything gets input to where. if i'm wrong, then someone else will say so lol 😛 and you're very welcome, happy RoG'n 🙂