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Onboard sound and CM Sirius

Level 7
Anyone have issues with the MIC in on the Maximus V Formula ThunderFX?

I currently use the CM Sirus 5.1 headset and when I use the 3.5mm jacks I cant get the mic to work properly.

I detects the sound but its very very low.

Testing using the windows mic wizard, i appears to be working but I would have to tap the mic for it to register any sound activity.

Having the SupremeFX .. i would like to use it instead of the headsets USB ..
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Level 10
Please try to re-install or upgrade audio card dirver, driver under the link:
ASUS ThunderFX Audio Driver V7.0.1.34 for Windows Win7 32bit & Win7 64bit.(WHQL)

and try to upgrade the latest motherboard bios 0701