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old rampage II gene gc5290 win8 compatible?

Level 7
I got this over a year ago off of a friend. I finally got around to getting the rest of the parts to build a new system. Trying to install win 8.1 on it, but keep getting stalled when it asks for media drivers. The dvd drive I have is win8 compliant.
I am beginning to suspect the board can't handle win8.1.

If that is true, will it support win7? I would hate to have to go buy an old copy of that, but I will if needed.


Level 7
Hi, I have been using the Rampage II Gene with Windows 7 until a month ago, so the answer is yes, it fully supports Windows 7.
But, there are no drivers or utilities for Windows 8 or 8.1. I found out when I built a new PC and used my old Rampage II Gene, RAM and Processor to build a PC for my nephew.
Someone else has started a thread about this in this forum, here:

I just posted asking ASUS to help with the issue, could you post too?