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Oh dear.. What have I done!!!!

Level 7
Well I only gone and bent the pins on my RIIIE CPU socket. I have spent hours trying to bend them back but no luck. I really can't afford this now after just spending £900 on ASUS GTX 690.

What can I do?

Level 40
Ouch! Bent how...up, down lots of them. I did this on my first build and rescued it with a magnifying glass and a couple of fine needles....and a steady hand.Only a couple of pins though....

It is possible to straighten them , just Google it, plenty of info out there, even some vids on youtube 🙂

Level 9
very touch situation, they tend to break easily be extremely careful
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Level 7
I would say about 5 pins but could be more. Been at it all day and can't seem to get them right. Is it possible to have it repaired?

Level 12
Would likely cost you over half the price of a new motherboard.
Magnifying glass, jewelers screwdriver + high res pictures of what the socket is supposed to look like will be your best bet with only 5 or so pins bent.

You could also try taking the motherboard to a jewelry shop and see if they'll fix it for you for a nominal fee, seeing as it's not a really complicated job but something that takes precision & patience. (Bring them high resolution pictures of what it's supposed to look like.)
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I've used a very small flathead screwdriver to go between the pins. I've also heard of people using a mechanical pencil tip to straighten them. However, if you've already been bending them around they may be weakened.
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Level 7
How did you bend them? Incorrect mounting of cpu?

Level 9
Perfect excuse to get a R4E and 3960x 🙂

Level 7
I was taking the CPU out to clean off the old TIM and dropped back on to the pins.. When I put the CPU back in my computer wouldn't post and just stays red on CPU light. So I took the CPU out to noticed some looked out of place so I been trying to bend back in to place all day.

I just spent £900 on GTX 690 and the mrs will kill me if I spend any more money on the computer 😞