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Odd issues when using CPU level UP/Manual adjustments

Level 7
Hey guys,
Really what I want to accomplish in the end here is overclocking my system to run at DDR3 2133 and CPU at about 4.5~. We'll get to that later. First off, here's what I'm working with:

Cooler Master HAF X
Crosshair V
Rosewill Lightening 800W
8150 FX
Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler
16GB Mushkin Redline 99373
Dual XFX 6970s

Ok. The main issue I am posting about today is super odd, at least for me. Whenever I use the automatic CPU Level Up function several things happen. (Sometimes simultaneously, sometimes separate) 1) I lose "full power" to my usb ports - meaning either the light on the keyboard or mouse, or both, will not come on, or will not come on until windows loads, or not come on until windows loads and i unplug them from a port and reinsert them. This is an issue mostly because i cannot get into the bios sometimes. This happens on both level 1 and 2 of Level Up. 2) If I proceed to level two my built in NIC is not seen by Device Manager in windows and the same for the on board audio - all of it.

Anybody ever seen anything like this? =/ Thanks.

Level 7
=( ~sigh~ 0h well.

Level 40
First sorry that your post did not get replied too. Sometimes a question slips through the cracks. But those cracks have been identified by the ASUS ROG team and have been sorted out.

So here we go.

First thing you need to do is insure your BIOS is the latest version.

What sometimes happens is that you can have a corrupted bios, it will boot to windows and work just normal when not under any stress. When the system is under load then the small corruptions show. This is what I am thinking has happened here.

Flash bios and report back if there is any improvement if no real gains have been made we will proceed from there.

And again my apologies for the late reply.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. At the current moment the latest official bios, and the one you'd like me to install is the 1003, correct? If so It is in fact what I am running. Do you want me to re flash it anyway with a freshly downloaded copy from the website?

(I thought this as well by the way and flashed from 8003 to 1003 before posting here originally)

Level 40
I would suggest not using the level up function. While those generic settings are going to work most of the time they do not work for each and every user. I would far prefer if you spent a few minutes going through the relevant guide for your motherboard that is posted in this sub-forum and work through it- that way two things are achieved. First you have a rock solid overclock and second you have learnt a whole heap about your system and how it works. 🙂

So try that first as I doubt that you have a corrupted bios rather it sounds like a few settings need indivudial tweaking. The guide can be found here.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

I appreciate your attention. 😃 While I can in fact apply the settings with confidence it is disconcerting to hear the repetitive theme of built in options and devices not working as advertised. =/ I will do as you suggest and see what comes of it.

Level 40
I will check back tomorrow and see how you got on.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 18
They have the kind that you turn on the switch and surf or whatnot....ready fuss..NO OverClocking..
No need to just runs. ..
ROG are high performance tweakers boards....the game is in the play.

You take a ferrari to tune more not less than a ford.... live it, love it, ROGit...or..well Asus makes nice
sensible desktops for the more conservative.

The mindless clatter on the forum you speak of---ALL so called issues....Stick around brother..
almost always something simple.........a hardware/vendor issue....or...Operator error.
But once you hit the Sweeeet Spot...
Nothing....i do mean nothing.....can touch them....World Records say so.

Best of Luck my friend.c.

Level 7
I understand guys, I am pretty well versed. I'm just saying the answer of "use manual confirgurations" when you provide an automatic one that produces these issues is....troubling 😃 If you can explain how using the OC auto level up feature would make devices behave like that, with no other changes, i'd like to hear your theories. Not arguing, just a friendly conversation.

Level 40
Short answer is that none and I mean none of the components in PC's are the same, behave the same and will not clock the same. So what you have is a piece of software that has to manage all that. Not going to do it. What it tends to do is over volt so that it can cover most bases. And that is why I do not recommend such bundled software. 🙂
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.