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Odd choppy graphical performance on 1155 platform?

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My friend and I are both having the same issue. I have had it across 2 Asus boards and 2 Gigabyte boards. He has it on an Asus board. I have included a link above to the chat on another forum.

Some games, like Battlefield Bad Company 2, go from running perfectly smooth to very choppy and back again despite having an overspec'd system. Happens for him too.

My system
Maximus IV
GTX580 direct CUII
8GB DDR3 1600 (2x4GB)
Corsair TX850

please read the convo and see if you can help

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Ok, so I thoroughly read all the posts on the other forum that you linked to and became increasingly depressed as my build and problems were identical. Some games ran super smooth while other choppy and basically unplayable with my enthusiast OCD.
My build:
Win 7 x64 ult
Asus sabertooth p67
16 gb corsair vengeance ddr3 1600
Core i7 2600k
Asus engtx 580 dcuii

The poster on the other forum was right about the power source being the issue, but incorrect on how to solve it, at least in my case. I stumbled across this:
Make sure windows is configured to performance and not balanced or efficient.
Go to:
Control panel -> power settings and check the performance bubble (if it isn't showing when you get there look down and click to show hidden profiles and it should be there)
I'm assuming this why my old 9800gtx+ could run smooth with the two 6pin and the 580 couldnt with two 8 pins, windows was limiting the power consumption.
Please let me know if this solves your issues.