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OCZ Z-DRIVE 4500 2,900MB/s READ PCIE SSD Can I boot

Level 7
Do any of you guys have experience using a pci-e ssd as a boot drive with the rampage IV extreme? I want to use an OCZ Z-Drive to boot off of.

Currently I'm using the UEFI bios, do I need to use a legacy bios, will it just show up as an option then under the boot priorities?

Thanks for your help and time really appreciate it.


Level 13

I would think the Z-Drive would work without issue however you will need to configure the system as legacy booting not UEFI.

Perfect, thanks for the quick reply. I love the RIVE mobo and have had no issues trying to do anything I want with it yet, but just figured because it's an older board and PCI-E SSD weren't really that big a few years ago that I might have problems.

It does say the z-drive is bootable on the OCZ website, and it also lists the Rampage IV Extreme under the supported mobos along with a bios version. It's just close to 3000$ and it's currently pending on order until I figure this out for sure - don't want to order this and then have it not work.

there's no mention of using a pci-e ssd as a boot drive in the official product manual, that's why I wanted to check with you guys here. thanks again.

Level 7
im using the RAIDr pcie ssd on a RIVE. you will be soooo happy.