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OC Past Batman Arkham Knight VII Hero

Level 7
So I got Batman Arkham Knight. It was not being cool as that's how it currently rolls, so i decided to throw more powers at it and now it's silk on max gfx (fps limit 120)- with a 7970!

I also had to make my pagefile min 512MB max 24402MB to not run out of memory, but I only set that when I play, to reduce SSD wear virtual memory is just usually off.

The problem is, I had to push my 4790k pretty hard to get Batman to be cool n' play smooth, even tho the CPU usage is oddly low. Maybe I just had to do the turn of cstates and speedstep part. But I shouldn't need to push this chip yet, and now I have to consider the possibility of having to push it harder in the near future, well nearer than I thought. I can still unpark the cores, but I'd rather do that last, when it's time to start looking to replace this 9 month old computer...

Basically my optimal simple overclock is 4.7 @ 1.24v. I had tried an auto OC from bios and noticed it raised the bclk to 102, which sped up the ram a bit but only reached 4.5ghz, though it was pretty snappy. If I up the blck to that at 4.7 I crash, so do I have to up the voltage or is it a different stability issue?

Any advice on that or other OC enhancements would be greatly appreciated, as all I really do is is manually input the voltage and multiplier (and turn of power saving - cs & ss) I'm a DOS guy. This UEFI bios option storm, especially with ASUS lingo = brain ow.