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Not enough power on usb ports (AFTER CODE00) - IMPACT

Level 7
Hello there,

I bought this new system 3 days ago and it was stable until today:

-asus impact
-corsair vengeance 8gb 1600
-corsair cx600m
-sapphire 6850 (from old build)
-ocz vertex 3 120gb (also old build)

After receiving it i tested everything outside the case and got it running fine, did some benching, oc the video card, updated bios and tested almost every little function that asus says it provides.

Today i got it all set with every possible peripherals that i would use (s/pdif, mouse, keyboard, usb drive, mic, headphone, wireless antenna dongle) and plugged in another 500gb hard drive.
When i tried to power on, the fans briefly started spinning and stopped in a half second, after some attempts i took the s/pdif out, the system displayed the code 00 and made some weird noises (promptly turned it off) . After taking some more things out (the video card, ssd, hd, out the case, leaving only keyboard and mouse) and clearing cmos, the system posted with the message "USB device over current status detected will shut down in 15 seconds" and "NO Keyboard".
I then tried to leave just the keyboard plugged in, for my surprise it worked, i could access the setup and mess with things. Afraid of the possibility of being bad psu, i plugged in the ssd for it to accuse the error by not handling more power and fail again.
Yeah, it booted. I could use it normally (only keyboard) with wifi, my files and everything... Tried right there to plug in the mouse, and with a windows "usb malfunction" message i lost my keyboard and mouse, unplugging the mouse would give me back the keyboard. I then tried to plug in a usb drive, the explorer displayed it plugged in and out continuously.

Things i already tried:
- Leaving just 2 usb port enabled in bios
- Downgrading bios
- Clearing cmos
- Tested all the usb ports (2.0 and 3.0)

I tough on testing another psu, but hey, everything seems to work fine, would it really be the case?

Thanks for the efforts, I got very afraid after reading so much code 00 errors.
I live in Brazil and it will probably take time for and rma shipping.

Level 15

Level 7
yo dawg,

Last time I fixed a usb over current the problem was the plug was shorted to the case. If this is the problem you can get with some electrical tape.

Check both the usb jack for your front usb and the devices you plug in. Make sure nothing is touching the case.

If you are still working outside the case you might be havin a ground issue (no mb to case ground)

Level 7
The thing is, everything is on the table, there are no front panel connectors plugged in, in fact, i never did plugged then in the first place.
Until now, i tried using the front panel usb to see if it worked, and again they failed...
I cant think of another thing then the usb controller, cause both the back and the front usb dont work, and the system and heaphone/mic does.
I will try another psu later and report back, but come on, what are the odds?

Thanks for the help, even if i do send it to rma, i will report back with the results.

Level 40
USB controllers are on the CPU.

Swap out your PSU if possible and see how it goes.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Ok, i just did and the same thing happened.

But now you got me worried, you think it could be the cpu?
Even with the rest of the system ok?
Seems so odd...

Thanks for the effort

Level 13
List all USB components used - include make and model of each device. Include any hubs, or if the monitor you are using has a hub etc.

Level 7
Hello Le.Flame,

I also had issues with usb on the Z87-pro after assembly. Not so extreme like yours, but when I connected the usb mouse I got permanent reconnecting, sometimes with the loss of other usb components like the game controller.

In my case it turned out, that it was caused by AI Charger+ (from AI Suite III 1.00.44 that came on the CD with the board). The update to version 3.01.01 of AI Charger+ solved my problem.

Since I have no need of AI Charger+ I deinstalled the component.

If you have AI Suite III installed, maybe you should give it a look.


Level 7
USB list:
-mouse razer deathadder 3.5g
-keyboard blackwidow ultimate 2013 (has a pass-trough usb port, headphone and mic)
-sandisk cruizer blade 8gb usb drive
-tried an old razer keyboard (aurantia) too witch worked but only with itself
- WD my passport 1 TB external hard drive
-Charging galaxy s3

I think it is pretty much it...

In my case it turned out, that it was caused by AI Charger+ (from AI Suite III 1.00.44 that came on the CD with the board). The update to version 3.01.01 of AI Charger+ solved my problem.

dude i used it the night before the problem! I used it to fast charge my galaxy s3 (everything went all ok with no problems), tough it might be the problem then took a look at it and saw it was disabled... you think uninstalling it could help?? I think it would't be the case anymore, since even in bios with my ssd off i couldn't use my stuff...
Maybe it screwed it right that moment and i didn't even noticed

Level 7
OK, i just checked the ai suite 3 and it is the latest, i knew things weren't even running in bios but i took a shot...

One more thing i noticed, lets say i have a keyboard and a laser mouse plugged in, if i turn on the lights of the keyboard (like num lock, caps lock, scroll lock) the laser on the mouse becomes weaker. That's the killer for me, things are not getting enough power, i don't know if is the mobo that is faulty or the cpu, but as i think the chances of being the mobo are higher, i am going to rma it and see what happens.

I don't know what caused it, maybe it was the ai charger + (i am definitely not using it again) but i had a perfectly system running and now i also do, but without usb, which kills it.

Would be happy if Asus took a look at it so it won't happen again. I know these things happen, but because i live so far away from it i won't have my working pc around for the next month.

Thanks for all the help you guys gave me, i will be reporting back with the results in a non near future.