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No signal for new NZXT h500i + Asus Prime X470-Pro Build

Level 7

I just tried putting together a new PC using the components below. I've searched every forum possible for a solution and have yet to resolve it. As of now, the LEDs and fans are fully active but I get no signal to the display. I tried this with the GPU and integrated graphics on the mobo (with GPU removed). I've tried reconnecting all cables (with Antec cable sleeve extensions, connected to original cables to PSU), trying different ram slots, trying hdmi/displayport. Based on what I've read, I'm lead to believe it may be the following:

1) Bad PSU
2) Bad motherboard (no beeps at all)
3) Wrong cable connected somewhere (F Panel from the case incorrectly plugged in?)
4) Bad ram (unlikely since the LEDs turn on)
5) Heatsink needs to be reseated

NZXT H500i
Asus Prime X470-Pro
GTX MSI 1070ti
EVGA 750W G2
Samsung Evo 860 1TB / WD NvME 500GB
Trident Z RGB 16GB 3200