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No Display - Asus b550 Plus WiFi TUF Wifi II

Level 7

Hi all, doing a new build for a friend but the system does not output any display.

The board cycles through the troubleshooting lights and the fans, GPU and keyboard etc turn on but no display signal is emitted. The VGA (white) and Boot (green) lights stay on and nothing else happens.

Build specs:
AMD R5 5600 CPU
Asus TUF B550-Plus WiFi II
Klev 3600mhz ram 2x 8GB
Rm750e PSU
PNY RTX 3070

Steps tried which result in same error:
-removing board from case and clearing CMOS
<span;>-Updating Bios to latest using USB flashback
<span;>-Using a different single 16gb 3600mhz stick from main rig (Gskill Trident) in different slots.
-Installing 3080 ti from main rig

-Swapping CPU and using 5950x from my main rig
-Using old HD 7970 (when using this card the system keeps boot looping, still no display to know what's going on)

-Removed NVME drive installed on board
-Tried a different PSU (GS800 - known to be working)
-Tried 2 different monitors switching between DVI and HDMI (monitors don't even show no signal message)

-I have now purchased a new board, same spec Tuf B550 WiFi II and guess what... STILL THE SAME PROBLEM. Even after flashing the new bios once more.

All these things I tried resulted in the same issue. The HD 7970 GPU however made the system keep restarting on both boards. I am guessing the problem is some sort of compatibility issue on the motherboard side of things.

If one of you amazing experts could give me a hand with this I will be eternally grateful. Thank you so much in advance!