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Nightmare with Formula VII - Dead RAM, maybe more.

Level 7
TL;DR: Motherboard Q codes randomly of 99, AE, D7, A2, escalate into 30, 00, 55 and my RAM is suddenly dead.

So here is a long tale of what has gone wrong over the past two weeks with this motherboard.

I installed a custom water loop with no problems, cooling just the CPU and VRM. Everything is running great, leak tested for about 30HRS in the end with not a drop of water. Then about 2 weeks after I put the custom loop in things start to go wrong. I start getting Q codes at complete random when booting, starting with 99, then a black screen with just AE, D7 and A2. These codes all point to different things, so eventually after 2 days of flashing the BIOS, clearing CMOS and removing everything other than 1 stick of RAM, etc, I bite the bullet and drain my loop.

I removed absolutely everything, including CPU, to check it all works. I unscrewed the armour on the motherboard to see if there was anything obviously wrong with the motherboard - there wasn't. Every CPU pin looked perfect, so I reseated, and built everything again. Magic. No problems at all, for THREE WHOLE DAYS!

Then today I left my PC idling and went downstairs to cook food and watch The Apprentice. I tried to access my PC through the WIFI GO app on my phone, but it was showing as offline, which I didn't think anything of.

I came back upstairs about 2 hours after leaving my PC to be greeted with a black screen, and no inputs working at all. Everything was still powered up, with a Q-code of 30 showing. A new code! What joy! I restarted my PC to be greeted with the dreaded 00 code. I went through the motions (CMOS, etc) and left it unplugged for about 15 mins.

When I rebooted everything was fine once more for about THREE WHOLE MINUTES! The system just cut and for no reason and the Q code of 55 (memory not installed) glowed at me. I turned everything off at the wall and checked my RAM hadn't magically unseated itself whilst booting up and it was hot. Really hot. Hot enough for me to pull it out and hold in front of a fan hot.

My PC will now not boot at all past 00, even with the RAM out. I can only assume that my wonderful £250 motherboard decided to randomly kill it. I'm going to call ASUS tomorrow to try and sort this out, but I am literally expecting hell. I know the odds of them accepting any responsibility whatsoever for killing the RAM is zero, but all I want is a working motherboard.

Specs are here:
EVGA GTX 760 SC ACX 2GB in 2-way SLI
Corsair Vengeance 1666 8GB (2x4GB)
Crucial M500 128GB
WD Black 1TB