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New Tuf Gaming X570-plus wifi build issues

Level 7
i just built a Ryzen 5 3600 on a TUF Gaming x570-plus wifi board. the ram is Viper Gaming RGB 4133 CL19 and my gpu is a EVGA GTX 1080 FTW.
im running 2 MX100 SSDs in raid 0. these came from my old system and were intel raid so i had to reformat and reinstall windows 10.
i have a CM 240 AIO with RGB fans that are hooked into the addressable RGB header.
i also updated it to the newest bios.

now my problems.
sometimes when i boot or restart, it gets stuck with the GPU light on.
a hard power down unplug and wait some time and turn back on fixes this, but its very annoying.
also sometimes, it gets stuck on the green boot light. seems the only way to fix this is to unplug all of the drives.. reboot and wait for it to say push F1 to enter bios. then power off and reconnect the drives and it boots up.

also sometimes, my lights all change colors.. i have them set to a deep red, 100,0,0 and randomly they just start flashing or changing colors. the fix for this is to go into the armoury app and change the colors back, but sometimes they dont listen and a hard boot is required first.

the system seems very stable, it hasnt crashed or anything and is very fast.

are these issues common?

Level 12
Nice ram.

amm what bios are you running. I had my rgb lights turn off few times recently on CH8 1105 running (b) bios. not enough to bother me just saying I have noticed something.