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Level 7
Have not overclocked amd's since the 939 days and have forgot allot of info and what means what.

Trying to push this thuban up to 4.1-4.5 stable but cant get much over 4 before i start getting bsod etc.

So where is a good starting point voltages etc. Is my ram just to crappy to push higher. Basically i have played with multi and fsb settings but have not got very far.

well i seized the oppurtinuity and upgraded my old ass 939 rig when BD came out. Thats why other wise i would still be rocking my dfi ultra sli setup lol. I will jump up to some 460's when i can sell off the 250's

Level 12
Good luck, the 460 is a decent GPU.
I just bought a GTX 470 for my son's comp, mainly for him to play BF3.
He was struggling a bit with FPS on my old GTX 285, so he should see a nice jump in performance (and DX11).
Intel i9 10850K@ 5.3GHz
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Corsair H115i Pro XT
G.Skill TridentZ@ 3600MHz CL14 2x16GB
EVGA RTX 3090 Ti FWT3 Ultra
OS: WD Black SN850 1TB NVMe M.2
Storage: WD Blue SN550 2TB NVMe M.2
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ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601

Level 7
i am playing bf3 now everything on medium textures on high and stay around 50fps. game is fun and looks nice. But uncharted 3 has me for the time being on ps3. I dont want heat magnets and i hate paying the monster loads of cash for the new gpus. I saw one the other day on the egg for a grand. The person that buys that prob drives a pinto.