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New Rampage 4 extreme will not boot

Level 9
Rampage 4 extreme

Intel i7 3930k

Intel thermal solution RTS 2011 LC

Corsair Dominator GT 12 gb

LG Bluray burner

Intel SSD 520 series 120 gb

Dual Asus GTX 570

RaidMax 850 AE Power supply

Antec 1200 case

Put everything together go to boot and nothing. Try various combos with the video cards, 1 card, 2 cards, 1 stick of ram, 2 sticks, 3 sticks. Tryed various SATA ports for the SSD and burner, tryed taking processor chip back out wiped off thermal paste then reapplied new paste, reseated chip and still nothing. Monitor will not come on at all. The boot device LED stays on throughout all of this, don't know what else to try, is it a bad board? I tryed 2 different monitors and a 55 inch tv and still nothing will show up on to the screen, no beeps or anything please help.

Level 7

-No need to return (RMA) your motherboard or check your power supply.
-That new memory is probably good.
-Don't update your BIOS, although it's good to from time to time.
-Why unplug your motherboard and wait days for the circuits to drain so you can reassemble and hope that it will boot/post.

I seriously did not believe that this would work!
ASUS consistently ignores this issue and would rather spend the money on RMA's then admit that this expensive "High End" motherboard needs to be jump-started with a hairdryer.

I hate to love this board and love to hate it.
Apparently this works on most of their other boards.
Here is proof: