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new ram and cpu +tips and tweaks

Level 7
i wanted to get some ideas and thoughts from ppl on what the highest end ram and cpu i can sue with my CROSSHAIR IV FORMULA moboboth within the $300 each or lower mark. i have read many different things. for cpu some say 8150. i was also looking into some new ram as well and was wondering what ppl recommend. i am still running the board stock without updating anything since i first bought it. im looking to push the system from some better frames rates with the games i play . atm im sporting AMD Phenom II x4 955 with 8 gig of ram.

the site i normally buy things from is i would love to hear what others options are on what to get and also bout what cpu i can and cant use, with or without a update to the mobo

if possible if u recommend stuff link it from ncix so i can see just what you are talking about or some other canadian site

looking forward to getting some insights from ppl bc again ive never edited anything with the mobo, its running stock so even fi u have other tips or hints with some of the tweaks we can do with these all ears =D


Level 18
Ridamark - Welcome to ROG.

You can run All AMD CPU's in either CrossHair IV's including the FX-9590.
8350 @ $200 is a deal.
Memory Upto 32Gb OC'd to 2000 [orig bios] by the book, but with some skill ???
imho. Don't buy 32Gb of Memory if you do not Need 32Gb of Memory.

A couple of questions.
What are the other Specs of Your Rig? GPU or GPU's? SSD ? and the Biggie, Cooling ?
and the Other Biggie, PSU ?

Best of Luck.
Please, Keep Us Posted. .c.

gpu - SAPPHIRE HD 5970 2GB GDDR5 PCIE (OC Edition)

psw - Corsair 850 watt

ssd - intell ssd 120 gig

i did buy a bigger cooler for the cpu but tbh i dont remember what it was called.

just to make sure i am correct, so i can buy..

with this mobo and it will just work or do i still need to patch the bios of the board?

my case is Antec Nine Hundred Two so it has a fair bit of venting and air flow.

was thinking

for cpu...only $30 more then the 8350 if what u say bout the mobo and cpu compatibility is true. =D

Level 18
Just keep your eye on the temps .. and I would think that cpu would do well.
Here is what a IV Extreme did with a 9590, 8Gb of Memory and 7900Series Multiple GPU's.

The idea however is to find the balance for 24/7 use. The Fastest, most stable in heaviest of tasks,
while controlling safe temp margins.

Update and then download and run ROG RealBench v.2 and see how you did.

ok so i got the cpu installed but it seems a few odds things r going on.

#1 when computer boots it says coresx2 in bottem right corner of screen, but when i go into the bios it does say its a 8 core unti but i cant seem to find where to go to unlock all the cores.

#2 ive tried to install cpu-z about 4 times now, all diff versions and each time i go to run it i get a error saying "error code 0x5 (5)" and it then gives me a log file. ive tried ver 1.56 up to 1.68, same error everytime.

id like to OC the CPU and ram a bit. i got a heafty cooler on my cpu.

atm when i go to ctrl pannel and then system it says 8 core 4.42, if i go to device manager and check out under processors, it shows 8. im hoping somehow i can get the cpu-z program working but atm its being difficult...

Level 7
well i got cpu-Z working but still having issues

#1 my usb ports arent working right they seems slow and i cant use my usb headset now bc its disocnnects every 30 secs

#2 still says 2 cores @ boot up but it seems all 8 cores but when i go to crtl pannel/system it says its running @ 3.8 sometimes and 4.4 @ other times. i could rly use some help of something on this bc honestly i dont know what else to try with the usb port thing i use my heaset everyday for like 8 hours and i love the headset. ive unintalled reinstalled new/old drivers ive plugged it into different ports im @ my wits end with this one, im bout to give up and get the crosshair V instead, but obviously thats another $250+ id not like to spend. any help would be great!

Level 18
Ridamark .. Even though the 'guide' is for a CrossHair V, and the bios is different, it would be good to go through
it and understand what the different settings do.
Like disabling turbo and voltages to manual.
Looking at your screen shot above .. your cpu is barely running for what it 'can' do.
Setting your 'core voltage' to 1.4 to stay in the yellow or 1.5 if your cooling is up to the task is a great start.

as to usb's .. you can get a hub that plugs into one of the headers I would think.
Best of luck. .c.

Level 12
What type of psu do you have?
Crosshair IV 1090T 4093.7 - Crosshair V FX - 8350 Batch # 1243PGT 4.422MHz - 4816.08 MHz 1.5v - GSKILL F3-14900CL9D-8GBSR(x2)1087.6 11-12-10 1.5volts - ViewSonic VX2439wm - Acer GD235HZ - SyncMaster P2350 - PowerColor Red Devil RX 480 8GBD5-3DH/OC - Current Mode: 5760 x 1080 - (retired) ASUS GTX660DC2O2GD5 - Nvidia 3D Vision Wired - HAF 932 - Corsair HX850 - Corsair H100i - latest - Day thirteen 60fps - as always I'm powered by