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Level 10

Level 14
You have 2 bios chips on the board. You can switch betweeen them if things don't work out.
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Level 12
Jack, I also had oc'ing issues with any bios above 0804 on my M6F.
Like the saying goes: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Another thing, there's little or no performance gain by oc'ing the CPU cache.
And oc'ing the CPU cache can have a major impact on CPU stability.
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Level 10
1. Well it wasn't broke and I didn't wanna fix it until Asus refused to offer TS unless I upgraded

2. I have found the opposite on the cache..... JJ notes in his OC video that ya start to see performance degradations with the cache more than 3 below CPU multiplier. MSI's OC guru says 1 below..... my own tests with RoG Bench show no performance difference at 46 CPU multiplier with either 43, 44, 45 or 46 cache ratio.....however when I go to 42, the image editing benchmark takes a dive.....exactly what JJ had indicated.

OTOH, I had no problems at 4.0, 4.2, 4.4. 4.5 and 4.6 OC's going with identical CPU and cache multipliers...well with 0804. No increase in temps, no increase in voltages req'd for stability.

The 1102 BIOS is whacked in that it not only introduced stability issues but contrary to expectations increased voltages by huge margins while getting more unstable.

It's almost as if Asus has dropped an "information blackout" on all their staff, both paid and volunteer, as I have been asking about this since i 1st did as instructed by TS right after XMas and every thread that the subject has been brought up has been dead other than other users reporting same problem.
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