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New AMD chipset driver

Level 7
The latest AMD chipset driver ( is available at AMD website, while the Asus PRIME X570-PRO support page (Asus website) still provides the release.
As I'm experimenting (the well known) USB problems I'd like to follow AMD advice and update that driver.
My doubt is:
shall I use the driver provided by AMD or wait for the board manufacturer (Asus) to officially publish it on its support pages?

Level 9
We usually recommend to install the chipset on our website.

The best way to resolve the USB problems is to update 3801 -

thomas_yiu@ROG wrote:
The best way to resolve the USB problems is to update 3801

Thanks for your answer and information.

Do you mean that the chipset driver is not involved in the USB problems?

As to the 3801, I had seen it availability in the Asus support pages, but I noticed the warnings about it being still in Beta version, with no "warranties, whether express or limited, as to the suitability, compatibility..." and so on.
So I had interpreted those warnings as an invitation to wait for the official release.

PS. I saw that the phrase "Fix USB connectivity issue" appears not only in the description of the 3801 Beta but also in the 3603, which I have already installed in my board with no success (as to the USB problems). Are there any certainties, as far as you know, that the 3801 will actually solve those problems?