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Need Memory Timings for System Memory

Level 9
I just got this memory: AMD Radeon 2133Mhz 16Gb Quad Channel memory kit. Have e-mailed the proper AMD support e-mail that is on their site. However I have no idea how long it will take and wonder if some of you others out their already have this board and combination, could tell me what are the proper settings to get the max performance out of this memory.


Level 40
The AMD memory has a built in profile. You simple need to enable the profile in your bios.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 15
Spent a whopping 10 seconds on newegg's website and found for you the timings: 10-11-11-30

Level 10
The timings are written on 1. the RAM box, and 2. the RAM itself
MOBO - Crosshair V Formula
CPU - AMD FX-8350 @ 4.8GHz
COOLER - Corsair H100i / MX-4
RAM - 12GB G.Skill RIPJAWS X @ 2133MHz
GPU - XFX R9 295X2 8GB
HDD - 2TB Seagate
PSU - Corsair TX950W
CASE - Coolermaster HAF 922
OS - Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

Hello All,

First I appreciate your replies.

To the first reply, HiVizman, are you sure it would have a profile AFTER the board has been out for almost two years? This memory is very new. I know they have had bios updates on Asus website off course. But as usual it doesnt say flat out on the memory it supports that this memory is supported.

To everyone else and even HiVIZMAN, if he is correct should I indeed try to find this profile or set the timings myself? As I thought I understood, each timing is suppose to be specific to the board and memory. At least that's what Crucial always led me to believe when I bought their memory, I'd e-mail them with my set up and they would e-mail me some timings to use.

I wanted to use AMD, because I felt with an AMD Proc, and well a mostly AMD board aka chipset etc, that it would be a good match.

So folks what do I do? I want to get the most performance out of that memory that I can. 154.00 bucks isnt really all that cheap if you cant maximize the memories potential.

thank you all very much,

:cool: 😄

Will the people that replied prior, reply again to my questions and provide clarifications? 😄

Level 15
There's a chip on the memory module that contains certain information like the memory's size (GB), timings, speed (MHz) and voltage (V). So when you insert the module into your motherboard and boots it up, your BIOS reads this information and it then configures your memory. Nevertheless, no matter what frequency your memory is advertised to run at (2133MHz, 2400MHz, etc...), it defaults to 1333MHz. This is to ensure that the memory is compatible with the different CPUs available on the market since most of the modern CPUs support RAM up to 1333MHz.

So to get your memory to run at its advertised speed, you need to input the timings and voltage for it to do so. But since not everyone is tech savy, Intel came up with XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) which does all this tweaking for you. Unfortunately, AMD chipsets do not support the XMP functionality which is to be expected since it is a technology coming from Intel after all. But you can use XMP memory on AMD platforms as long as you manually input the different timings and voltage. Nevertheless Asus developed D.O.C.P. which basically does the same thing as XMP.

Level 40
Hello my friend

The profile is not the profile saved in or on the motherboard. It is the built in profile that AMD put in their branded ram to run with AMD chipsets.

It is very simple to enable in the BIOS.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 9
I figured it out! thanks for all the help from everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

Level 40
All good mate enjoy your system.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.