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need help crosshair v formula-z fx8350

Level 7
okay, i wouldl ike to say thanks to anyone reading this who can help me fix this sack of ****

ok so ive put my system together, lets just say im not a twat and all my parts are compatable and that i have plugged in all the cables ect.
all my parts are new, appart from cpu fx8350 and gpu xfx hd7870 im using h105 also,

now i opened my boxes read the manual to the T just incase, im more then confident its correctly assembled.

my problem is i cant boot to post screen my bios is 1602 and im getting error code ff which means nothing to anyone and my cpu_led light is showing red. i downloaded the new bios renamed is slaped it on the fat32 usb drive plugged it in the white port pressed the rog connection for a few seconds it flashed i t go it flashed 2 more times then stopped. the red flbk_led light on the motherboard flashed then stoped flashing and stayed red also in the space of a few seconds. any ideas thanks

my thought are my bios is the wrong version or its not updating correclty as i would of thought it took 60seconds not 5 seconds. OR my cpu is broke but it worked in my old system befor i changed it over, i cant test it as my old system is now gone.

Level 12
What is your full system specifications (power supply, motherboard (yes, yes, CVF-Z), RAM, etc.)?

My bet is: there's something wrong with your CPU. If you have another Socket AM3 CPU laying around, or if you have access to one, try replacing your old FX-8350.


is it normal for the bios to update in 5 seconds ? ie the lightflashes 3 times then stops. ? also i guess il have to take my cpu to a pc repair shop to test this. thanks

Level 12
Each time I've flashed my BIOS, it has taken about 20 seconds. I don't remember seeing any screen flash.

I suppose it's possible that the new BIOS file was corrupted, somehow; but, I have no experience with that - I would think the EZ Flash Utility would notice a corrupted file.


Level 14
do you have extra TIM?
if so, pull the CPU cooler and inspect the CPU pins, did you force the CPU on to the socket?

Level 7
Can you even update the bios while there is an error occouring?

If i understand right you can flash the bios without anything else but psu.
=> Try that, maybe the error stops flashing?

Have a look here if you havent already:

Especially: #9
"The only thing that might save this is removing the CPU from the socket and then clearing CMOS. Reinsert CPU, mount cooler and use a single module of memory again to see if the board will POST.

If that does not help then RMA the board.


Another thing:
Did you try the board outside the case? (The motherboard box makes a good stand)
=> Some cases short the mobo, especially with the big backplates at the cpu vrm.

Check that out too 🙂

FX-8350 - SINCE BIOS 0806

Looks like the BIOS is not the issue, although I'd still update to the latest 2101 to be sure it's not a problem with the current BIOS

For ROG Flashback follow these instructions:

download the bios from Asus site..rename it to C5FZ.CAP...Insert the usb stick with the bios in the ROG Connect button on the back of IO Shielding of the PCB for 3 seconds and you're done
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HDD - 2TB Seagate
PSU - Corsair TX950W
CASE - Coolermaster HAF 922
OS - Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

Level 7
I had an FX-8350 die on me the other day and the symptom was a solidly lit CPU Q-LED when the power was switched on. See my thread here. Sounds to like you have the same issue and that your CPU is dead on arrival. It would be handy if you could test your CPU in another known working system and test a known working CPU in your board. Fortunately I was able to do just that and confirm that a solidly lit CPU Q-LED does indeed mean a faulty CPU. AMD approved an RMA for my CPU and sent me a new FX-8350 which is what I'm using right now to post this - Last week I was using my Opteron 170 in a DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-D and 4 x 512MB of Corsair XMS-3200XL.
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