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Need Help: 2nd GPU not Detected in BIOS

Level 7
So I am experiencing a very odd phenomena...

What I have:

  • ASUS GTX 680 GTX680-DC2T-2GD5 x2 (SLI)
  • ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
  • i7 3930K
  • SeaSonic Platinum 1000w
  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM (1600MHz)
  • ASUS PCIE WiFi Card
  • System is Water Cooled, Two Radiators: CPU and both GPU's in one loop.
  • Loop Layout: PUMP > Rad1 > CPU > GPU1 > GPU2 > Rad2 > Back to Pump

I have been running this setup for a couple years now, no issues.

So the issue...

I recently went on vacation (about two weeks) and when I returned, and turned my PC on, my second GPU was not showing in Windows (3rd Monitor for Surround didn't come on). Nothing I do can get the card to be detected.

What I have Tried:

  • I tried re-seating it, wiggling it, etc.
  • I tried removing the PCI-E Power connectors
  • Tried removing the SLI Bridge and booting
  • Removed all power from board
  • Reset BIOS
  • Swapped the PCI-E Power Cables between the cards

None of that works...but here is the kicker. If I either boot into windows and dink around for a while (essentially let the PC warm up) or even if I just boot into BIOS and let it sit there for a bit (20 minutes or so). Upon powering off the PC (then wiggle the 2nd GPU card a little), powering on and then going back into BIOS, the card magically shows up and then will boot into windows and work fine (both GPU show up).

Have you ever heard of the machine needing to 'warm up' before the 2nd card will show in BIOS? I have no idea what to think of it.

Any ideas? Any tests I can run to find out what is going on? Need more info?

Level 7
Have you tried the hairdryer method?

Warm the motherboard a bit with a hairdryer.

Normally used for solving cold boot problems but maybe it works to get your 2nd card running from the first bootup.
If the card shows up after warming it up a little, you got the cold relais issue, there is no known fix for it.

Also check your windows event logs for any errors related to hardware (whea errors) and the device manager, just to rule out any other issues.

To bad you dont have any fans on it, if ya still had em on you could see if the fans were spinning even if the card wasnt detected.

If you have the time and motivation, try swapping the cards with eachother to see if it isnt the card itself giving the issue.

Hi WDxpanzer3,

I have not tried the hair dryer method. I will try that today after work and see if that works.

I did figure out that after letting the system warm up, I do indeed need to wiggle the Graphics Card (Up/Down) in it's slot to get it to be detected (only works after it has warmed up). After talking with a co-worked, he suggested it may actually be a cold joint issue (break in a solder joint) on the Graphics Card or on the Motherboard at the PCI-E Slot that the card is in. And that only after it heats up (and expands the solder) does it make good enough contact (after some wiggling) for the card to function.

Once I try the hairdryer I will get back to you on if that makes it boot correctly.

Thank you,

So, last night after work I went in and booted my computer (prior to trying a hair dryer, to see if 2nd card gets detected or not) and both cards were detected in BIOS. Not sure why it decided to boot correctly this time. Today after work I will try booting again and if the 2nd card is not detected I will power off and do the hair dryer method and provide an update.