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Need advice on my Ram Timings with a 3900x please

Level 8
ello Folks,

I've got 32 gigs of some new CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 plugged into my Asus crosshair hero VIII with a Ryzen 3900X CPU and I am just needing some advice on what timings to set in the bios.

I am not sure I have my TRC right at 70 or my TRFC correct at 525 and I am not sure what to adjust those too.

Currently the system seems stable and passes Mem Test86 at 3000MHZ with the timings in my screenshot but I am thinking I could do better with a little help.

System will not boot at any MHZ higher and I am not sure what to tweak here to try for improvements or to try and tighten up these timings as they are close to the suggested timings from Corsair and not getting much help over on their forum atm.

I also don't know how to determine what Die of Ram that I have for the Ram Calculator I know that it's Samsung and likely not B die but I don't know what to option to select for the calculator.

Currently running on a ROG Crosshair Hero Viii Wi/fi Mobo with the X570 chipset



Level 12
Get Thaiphoon Burner to identify your ram manufacturer (ie samsung, hynix, micron) & die type.

Then use this tool (as you mentioned)
Make sure you pick the x570 platform.

The Dram Calculator should give you a good idea of safe o/c and extreme o/c for your memory.

Here is video about use of both programs.

Hope you find this of help.

Thanks Red, Looks like I am still having Thermal issues I need to sort out before I OC any further on this rig. updated my other thread.


Thanks Red. I am plannig to study these tools tween now and the weekend.