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my rampage 4 extreme is not poasting

Level 7
hi .i have built a gaming pc three months ago .the configuration is as follows

motherboard:asus rog rampage iv extreme
graphics card:asus gtx 680
ram: g skill ripjaws z series 4*4gb kit(total 16 gb
hard disk:1 tb,wd black drive
cpu :intel i7 3930k
cpu cooler: h 100
case: cooler master cosmos 2

it was working just fine for all this time .yesterday i played a game of batman .then i shut it down.the next morning i tried to turn it on but its not turning is not posting anything .the screen is blank.and nothing is happening on the mother board.when i turn on power supply the lights on the mother board is turning on.but i am not able to start the pc. i tried clearing the cmos.but no luck.
can any one help me please.

i actually cried when it did not start.
please help me.


when i turn on the power supply the led on 1& 2 on the above pic TuRn on but wheni press the power button it is not doing any thing.

Level 12
Maybe your board is being shorted out on something.

Try building the basic system HivizMan suggests out of the case on the motherboard box it came with.

Also if you can try a different PSU.

Update. Just saw your using a Corsair bolt through cooler make sure you have not overtightened this and warped the board or damaged socket pins. Remove the cooler and check the Pins in the socket for any bent ones.

do you think i should contact asus for further assistance

niroop wrote:
do you think i should contact asus for further assistance

Did you see my post from the last page? I'm under impression we're on the same boat

Level 7
i tried eveything, but no posting from the mobo

Level 7
yeah i guess so.what did u do after that

Level 40
Same advice as give to the OP.

Test your PSU and try and have your CPU and motherboard tested.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

HiVizMan wrote:
Same advice as give to the OP.

Test your PSU and try and have your CPU and motherboard tested.

as u had suggested i gave my computer to a asus service center near my place .the told me that if there is any problem in my board then they would give me a new mother board. .so ithink my problem is over.

asus is awesome

Level 7
Mine is running okay right now. I know it won't be when I shut it down and wake up in a few hours. I'm trying out some minimal changes. I'll be sending an RMA this coming weekdays.

I wanna ask a few questions:
-Do you have an LED lit up keyboard and does the keyboard remain lit up even after shutting down the machine? Is the light still there after a few hours?
-Is your rig out of the chassis right now? Still no boot?
-Plug the PSU to a different rig or use a different one and see if there's any changes.

We seem to have the same RAM manufacturer and I saw reports of memory module errors, so I think the next thing I'm trying if it doesn't boot tomorrow is to try and use my other PC's. I'll also try to just use a regular keyboard. I'm currently using a Razer Black widow Ultimate and when I shut the PC down, the LED lights remains. Except when I wake up, it disappears and the PC won't boot anymore.

love asus