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Multiple problems with RGB on ASUS ROG x570 e-gaming

Level 7
Hello fellow representatives of the pc master race,

i've looked for my following problems 2 weeks for solutions but couldn't find a similar problem/solution.
If you think you have the answere and I have missed something feel free to tell me or to link me the answere.

I have some problems which I think are related to the Asus motherboard mentioned in the title:

1. As my PC is in the room where i sleep and i like it dark without any LED on when i sleep
I activated the Stealth function in the BIOS which should turn off all RGB when the pc is off or even in sleep-mode.
And since I have a ASUS ROG GPU as well as G.Skill Trident Z's I can accustom the RGB Effects with the ASUS Aura Software,
where I ALSO set the RGB off when the PC is shut down. And this works well UNTIL there comes a "bigger" Windows 10 Update,
which comes every 1-2 months or thats how it feels like. With "bigger" I mean that when you want to shut down your computer
It says, you must first restart and install the updates before you can shut it down, and when i do it my ASUS x570 e-haming will
start to glow red (static) when the PC is turned off. I can only fix this by turning the PC on, open the Aura Software, change
the setting from RGB off when pc is shutdown to any other option and then changing the option BACK to all RGB off and save.
I know its once in 1-2 Months but its still a bother and that cant be right. I belive the Windows Updates are changing some values which
activates the RGB of the Motherboard??? All other components like GPU or my RAM wont glow after an Update only my Motherboard.
I heard there must r should be an option in the BIOS that turns off all components unter 1 Watt or something im sorry im not very versed in this part.

2.When i set my PC in sleep Mode, all my RGB's turn off except my G.Skill Trident Z sticks keeps glowing with the set effect.
It looks weird when you think the pc is off (sleep) mode but the RAM sticks are still glowing? Why is it like this?
As I mentioned i activated Stealth in my Bios which should turn RGB off when the pc is sht down oder sleep mode?

3 And last, I down know if its a direct problem with the ASUS mb but, when i put my pc in sleep mode, it always deactivates
it himeself after like i dont know 15 minutes or something and im back at my login screen where i have to enter my Windows pw.
I dont toutch the pc, i dont use the mouse nor the keyboard, and I down know of any Option or programm where I set my pc that
it automatically leaves the sleep mode??? Does this have something to do with the hibernate thing ?

Im sorry for my english and hope you can help me out on this one...

Thank you in advance.